The 16 Best Bridal Shower Favors Your Guests Will Love

The bridal shower, in our opinion, is one of the friendliest pre-wedding events: it’s a low-key gathering when everyone meets up and gets to know one another before the big day. When the celebration has ended, bridal shower favors are a popular way to express gratitude to everyone who attended.

Bridal shower party favors are a popular choice among today’s brides. It’s a way to express gratitude to your guests for taking time out of their schedules to celebrate with you and lavish you with goodies.

That might involve anything from delighting guests at the celebration to coming in help on the big day itself. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite bridal shower favors ideas that won’t break the budget.

1. Heart Cork Coasters

Cork coasters are a must-have in nearly every home, but heart cork coasters are adorable. They’re perfect for a wedding shower with a fanciful vibe.

When your friends use coasters in the shape of a heart, they will have a pleasant experience while sipping wine in their kitchen.

2. Mini Bridal Shower Champagne Bottle

Champagne is excellent for any bridal party. Some manufacturers can place a label design on the bottle of your choice of wine, which is a great way to personalize the bride’s favorite bottle of sparkling goodness.

3. Candles

A candle is a simple, crowd-pleasing present. While high-end alternatives are always admired, friends will be delighted by handmade versions of their favorite smell.

4. Honey Jars

With lovely wedding shower honey pots, show friends and family members that the pair is as sweet as honey can be.

Pick your favorite honey flavor and package it in little mason jars with labels, string, or thread to match your theme. However, be sure no one is allergic.

5. Mini Nutella Jars

Nutella is undeniably tasty, and we’re confident that your guests will scoop up little customized Nutella jars with their names on them.

Each tiny glass jar is charming, but for a few cents more, you may add a colorful ribbon or other embellishments to make it cuter.

6. Set of Sheet Masks

One of our favorite inexpensive wedding shower favors is sheet masks. Place them on a welcome station so that attendees may choose their favorite shows before leaving.

7. Personalized Totebag

Embroidered totes are gorgeous and express “thank you for coming!” in a big way. They’re also quite functional and will come in handy in daily life.

And the best thing is that you can personalize them to match your wedding shower’s color palette and concept! Use your imagination to create something new.

8. Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

Heart-shaped measuring spoons are a fantastic wedding shower favor that will spread joy. On one side, the stainless steel kitchenware contains “measures of love,” while on the other, traditional measurements.

They have a lovely appearance and will come in handy in the kitchen. This is a great way to remember your occasion.

9. Live Mini Succulents

Allow love to flourish! Such small succulents make excellent party centerpieces and, best of all, are easy to carry and maintain.

Succulents are a definite present that your friends will be able to keep long after the celebration has ended since they are long-lasting and almost flawless.

10. Personalized Bamboo Chopsticks

Look no further if you’re seeking a treat they’ll cherish for years. Whenever friends are savoring their favorite takeout, stunning monogrammed chopsticks are a lovely and helpful way to remind them of this important day.

This is also ideal for a Chinese wedding preparation banquet!

11. Sugar Scrubs

Gift your friends a sugar scrub to use as part of their self-care practice. Everyone enjoys a nice sugar scrub, and they’re even better when they have a unique scent. Choose from various scents, including brown sugar, vanilla, peach, and any other fragrance you prefer.

For an extra-special wedding shower favor, add a handwritten label.

12. Heart-Shaped Bottle Openers

They almost certainly have a bottle opener at home. Is it, however, as appealing as a heart-shaped one?

They’re lovely touches to a wedding shower with a romantic theme. Bottle openers of this type are adorable, visually charming, and practical.

13. Personalized Whisk

We’d love to teleport them to a party. Personalized whisks are lovely favors for a wedding shower with a classic atmosphere. This is a unique present, coming from a bride who enjoys cooking. Put nice phrases or images on them to make them more personal.

14. Notebook

They’ll most likely want to write down their recollections of this perfect day, but these might also be useful for bridal shower entertainment.

By adding a shared emotional greeting to your bridal or wedding shower notebooks, you may enhance the positive sentiments of the occasion. It will be greatly appreciated whether you are inclined to write a little or a lot.

15. Bath Bombs

With some organic bath products scented with rose essential oils and smelling as delicious as they look, present your friends with a simple strategy for creating an at-home spa treatment.

Choose heart-shaped miniatures that are handcrafted and embellished with natural rose petals.

16. Luggage Tags

Now that you’ll be going on a new trip, encourage your friends to join you by providing them with this helpful travel stuff.

Luggage tags are a budget-friendly bridal shower favor idea for a destination wedding. Luggage tags in the forms or hues of your preferred destinations are available. You may also engrave them whatever you like.

Give your visitors a small something to thank you for coming to celebrate with you. We’ve assembled a detailed selection of bridal shower gifts for guests covering themes, budgets, and personalities.

If guests are coming in from out of the city for the event, keep the wedding shower favors small—or just choose something edible that they won’t have to carry in their baggage.

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